Lead Poisoning Prevention

Caution lead hazard tape

Lead poisoning can cause severe and long-lasting damage to your child.

It is important to take precautions to ensure your infant is not exposed to any amount of lead. Even small amounts can cause lower IQs, learning difficulties, and behavior problems. Not every child who is exposed to lead shows the same symptoms and some of the symptoms may not seem like lead poisoning to a parent. Some children may have headaches, stomachaches, decreased appetite, or sleep problems. Other children may seem hyperactive or irritable.

Sources of lead exposure vary. Mothers who have been exposed to lead could pass it to their babies while breastfeeding. Children can both breathe lead in dust or swallow it. Common sources include lead-based paint, toys or crayons, some home health remedies, and lead in soil. Parents should do some research to find if they are in a high-risk area for lead poisoning and take appropriate steps to mitigate the danger. 

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