Illinois Cares For Kids

Developmental Delays and Disabilities

Quality early care and education providers and programs recognize that every child is unique and develops differently. Most of the time, those difference are nothing to worry about, but sometimes the differences signal a special need. As parents/caregivers, you know your child best and are most likely to recognize when there are unique developmental needs. Well trained providers are also able to recognize the signs of developmental delays and disabilities in children. High quality programs are able to adapt their activities, curriculum, and engagements to help children reach their full potential.

If you notice concerns or issues in how your child develops, talk to your child care provider and your child’s doctor. Early identification and intervention can help your family access services designed to support your child’s development.

A child crawling on a blanket outside

Illinois has an extensive Part C Early Intervention Program designed to provide developmental supports and services to families/caregivers and their children with developmental delays or disabilities.