Early Childhood Special Education

Student giving knuckles to teacher while playing with blocks

 Early Childhood Special Education provides services to students with identified disabilities to improve learning and support the child’s education.

Special education and related services are provided through the student’s local school district, but they can also be accessed in settings outside of the school.

For more information about the referral and enrollment processes:

Early CHOICES and the Early Intervention Training Program at the University of Illinois announces a new series Understanding Inclusion. This is a series of bite-size videos with embedded resources and activities to help understand, promote, and advocate for inclusion for children birth to age 5 developed with families for families. Each topic has a guide to support understanding and provide resources on the topic. Topic guides can be used as a companion tool for the learner and as a stand-alone tool to help facilitate discussions and extended learning opportunities. Visit the Early CHOICES website to view the topics and the supporting topic guides.