Early Learning Academy - Orangeville Elem School

27 S State Ave - Freeport


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License-Exempt individuals and programs are legally exempt from Illinois Department of Children & Family Services (IDCFS) Licensing Regulations. They are not monitored on standards for health, safety, training, staff/child ratios or maximum group size, unless they care for children who receive government child care subsidies through the Child Care Assistance Program. Since license-exempt programs are not regulated, it requires the parents to ask many questions that would otherwise be covered and checked periodically by IDCFS.

A license-exempt home provider must have no more than 3 children under the age of 12 to qualify for a license exempt status, or all children must be from the same family.

A license-exempt center may care for children 3 years and older and is typically operated by public or private elementary or secondary schools, or faith based organizations.

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